Mailbag: 7/2/2021

No need for a long and drawn-out introduction, so let’s just jump into it. Here are the questions you asked with the answers I give starting with the Major League club and leading into prospects and the draft. (Note: some questions have been edited to establish a full name instead of a last name onlyContinue reading “Mailbag: 7/2/2021”

2021 Mock Draft 1.0

Mock Draft Season. I won’t bore you with any excessive. This is by far the latest mock draft I have ever done, and it is because mock drafts prior to May usually have little information excluding some fun scouting reports and notes on certain prospects. We’re about a month-and-a-half away from the MLB Draft. ObligatoryContinue reading “2021 Mock Draft 1.0”

Mailbag: 5/24/2021

I like keeping these pretty simple, so let’s just get the ball rolling with some questions about the Major League team. “What is going on? Angels shouldn’t be THIS bad.” – @BStewart05 “Why are things the way they are Taylor?” – @MyHalosBurner Since a lot of questions coincide with others, I’m going to group aContinue reading “Mailbag: 5/24/2021”

Mailbag: 3/26/2021

I asked for questions, and you asked back. I won’t waste any time with excess. Here are your questions, and we’ll begin with all the draft ones: “What position do you see the Angels drafting at the (#9) spot? I’ve seen pitchers and 3B the most I believe in mock drafts.” – JDB2412 (@JGB2412) Hey.Continue reading “Mailbag: 3/26/2021”

Chris Rodriguez Shines After Long Battle With Back Pain

Chris Rodriguez, at 20-years-old, struggled to arise from the floor where he spent the night trying to sleep, heading to the restroom thinking, “Damnit. Let’s see what I can try and do today that’s gonna make this help.” At the end of the 2017 season, Rodriguez — one of the Angels top pitching prospects —Continue reading “Chris Rodriguez Shines After Long Battle With Back Pain”


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