Mock Draft 3.0

Here we go. Final mock draft of 2022. Names only. Enjoy the draft, everyone! Pick Team Player 1. Baltimore Orioles Jackson Holliday 2. Arizona Diamondbacks Druw Jones 3. Texas Rangers Kevin Parada 4. Pittsburgh Pirates Termarr Johnson 5. Washington Nationals Brooks Lee 6. Miami Marlins Jacob Berry 7. Chicago Cubs Cam Collier 8. Minnesota TwinsContinue reading “Mock Draft 3.0”

2022 Mock Draft 1.0

Why did I save my first mock for two weekends before the Draft? As I’ve learned more-and-more about the draft process, I’ve grown an understanding that information between February to March to April to June changes nearly daily. The information that would have been useful a month ago wouldn’t be near as useful as itContinue reading “2022 Mock Draft 1.0”

Mailbag: 12/24/2021

It’s a short one this week. Let’s get to it. – “Who from the homegrown Angels infielders in the minors do you think will be the first to reach the Majors and when?” – @buckybucky21 Hello, Bucky. The Angels have a fun grouping of middle infielders in the low-to-mid minors in Kyren Paris, Jeremiah Jackson,Continue reading “Mailbag: 12/24/2021”

Mailbag: 11/22/2021

Lots of questions in this one so I won’t waste time with an intro. Let’s go… “Could the Angels have better success next year building a dominant offensive team signing and trading for major superstars, while having similar pitching they had last year? Is the formula for their success having a balanced team or canContinue reading “Mailbag: 11/22/2021”

Angels Sign Noah Syndergaard, One-Year, $21 Million

Tuesday night, the Angels made the signing of Noah Syndergaard for one year and $21 million official, following a successful physical during the day. Representing the first of multiple expected moves to improve a bottom-10 pitching staff each of the last three seasons, the signing of Syndergaard provides a much needed front-line starter for theContinue reading “Angels Sign Noah Syndergaard, One-Year, $21 Million”

Mailbag: 9/24/2021

I’m not one for extended introductions. You asked, I answered. Let’s go. Let’s start with the obvious… “Any sense you’re getting from Angels management as to what the plan is with Stefanic? Given all the players getting called up, it seems they’ve gotta have a reason to not have. Also, why do you think soContinue reading “Mailbag: 9/24/2021”

Mailbag: 7/2/2021

No need for a long and drawn-out introduction, so let’s just jump into it. Here are the questions you asked with the answers I give starting with the Major League club and leading into prospects and the draft. (Note: some questions have been edited to establish a full name instead of a last name onlyContinue reading “Mailbag: 7/2/2021”


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