Mailbag: 9/24/2021

I’m not one for extended introductions. You asked, I answered. Let’s go. Let’s start with the obvious… “Any sense you’re getting from Angels management as to what the plan is with Stefanic? Given all the players getting called up, it seems they’ve gotta have a reason to not have. Also, why do you think soContinue reading “Mailbag: 9/24/2021”

Mailbag: 7/2/2021

No need for a long and drawn-out introduction, so let’s just jump into it. Here are the questions you asked with the answers I give starting with the Major League club and leading into prospects and the draft. (Note: some questions have been edited to establish a full name instead of a last name onlyContinue reading “Mailbag: 7/2/2021”

2021 Mock Draft 1.0

Mock Draft Season. I won’t bore you with any excessive. This is by far the latest mock draft I have ever done, and it is because mock drafts prior to May usually have little information excluding some fun scouting reports and notes on certain prospects. We’re about a month-and-a-half away from the MLB Draft. ObligatoryContinue reading “2021 Mock Draft 1.0”

Mailbag: 5/24/2021

I like keeping these pretty simple, so let’s just get the ball rolling with some questions about the Major League team. “What is going on? Angels shouldn’t be THIS bad.” – @BStewart05 “Why are things the way they are Taylor?” – @MyHalosBurner Since a lot of questions coincide with others, I’m going to group aContinue reading “Mailbag: 5/24/2021”

Mailbag: 3/26/2021

I asked for questions, and you asked back. I won’t waste any time with excess. Here are your questions, and we’ll begin with all the draft ones: “What position do you see the Angels drafting at the (#9) spot? I’ve seen pitchers and 3B the most I believe in mock drafts.” – JDB2412 (@JGB2412) Hey.Continue reading “Mailbag: 3/26/2021”


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