2022 Mock Draft 1.0

Why did I save my first mock for two weekends before the Draft? As I’ve learned more-and-more about the draft process, I’ve grown an understanding that information between February to March to April to June changes nearly daily. The information that would have been useful a month ago wouldn’t be near as useful as itContinue reading “2022 Mock Draft 1.0”

Angels Top 30 Prospects 2022

__________ Scouts have said for years that a good organization may have 10-to-15 prospects, and a weak one may have five or less. The rest can be defined as “suspects” or “projects.” The Angels organization is filled with suspects and projects, well over prospects, in part to the recent graduations of Jo Adell, Chris Rodriguez,Continue reading “Angels Top 30 Prospects 2022”

Mailbag: 12/24/2021

It’s a short one this week. Let’s get to it. – “Who from the homegrown Angels infielders in the minors do you think will be the first to reach the Majors and when?” – @buckybucky21 Hello, Bucky. The Angels have a fun grouping of middle infielders in the low-to-mid minors in Kyren Paris, Jeremiah Jackson,Continue reading “Mailbag: 12/24/2021”

Angels Sign Noah Syndergaard, One-Year, $21 Million

Tuesday night, the Angels made the signing of Noah Syndergaard for one year and $21 million official, following a successful physical during the day. Representing the first of multiple expected moves to improve a bottom-10 pitching staff each of the last three seasons, the signing of Syndergaard provides a much needed front-line starter for theContinue reading “Angels Sign Noah Syndergaard, One-Year, $21 Million”

Angels Top 30 Prospects 2021

If you look up the term “prospect” in the dictionary, you’ll come to the realization that what scouts have been saying for years is accurate: A good organization may have 10-to-15 prospects, and a weak one may have five or less. I asked a long-time Scouting Director what he would dub as the guys whoContinue reading “Angels Top 30 Prospects 2021”