Angels Add Pitching, But Does It Answer Questions About 2021? 2022?

“We’d like to add more arms to the current crop we have.” Perry Minasian proclaimed these words on a conference call promptly after noting the Angels are “very active” in their pursuits for another starting pitcher for the 2021 season. Sensibly, the Angels went into the off-season with a need to improve on their pitchingContinue reading “Angels Add Pitching, But Does It Answer Questions About 2021? 2022?”

Angels International Signing Preview

Building an organization can takes upwards of five years and begins on the amateur front, drafting and signing players that will be developed by your staff and learn to play baseball based on the metrics, development patterns, and focus of the organization. Friday will kick off the start of many five-year plans as the internationalContinue reading “Angels International Signing Preview”

Angels Prospect Comparisons

Comparisons among prospects and Major League talent are rarely fair and can become erratically lazy. While watching any prospect show or draft preview, you will see highly paid analyst make remarks of, “His swing reminds me of Barry Bonds,” or “That sinker/slider combo is reminiscent Greg Maddux.” How many times have you heard that aContinue reading “Angels Prospect Comparisons”